Mihai Viteazul: Printul Intrat In Legenda Europei





Plot summary

The film presents the life of Michael the Brave, the most brilliant Prince of the Romanians, as the Prince (Denis Stefan) remembers it, traveling in time, to present day, together with his wife, Lady Stanca, (Mihaela Mihai). Michael's life is relived by his spirit and that of Lady Stanca, as they return to the place where the Prince was born, Dragoesti. A film about the evolution of the young man who, in the span of only seven years, managed to make politics like Europe had never seen before and how he changed, albeit for a short time, an epoch that was plunged into incredible brutality. A young man who ventured boldly into amazing strategies, more than a Romanian of his time ever did, in a world troubled by political turmoil. This is the story of the Voivode who shook the soul of Europe and influenced its actions, gaining the trust of European leaders of his time, before he turned 40 years old. A visionary who led to the creation of present day Romania and whose destiny has remained forever in history. Michael rises above the rules of big powers in order to unite the Romanians. A difficult choice that lies between the wishes and prayers of his mother, Tudora (Maia Morgenstern), the fight alongside his friend and confidant, Captain Maldar (Aurelian Man) and the desperation of his wife Stanca, left alone, who follows him to the end. A son who carried the burden of a beautiful but tragic destiny. The film is also based on documents and statements made for the first time by the historian and theologian who discovered a rare manuscript about Michael the Brave and objects belonging to the Prince. An incredible story about the power of faith and the sacrifices made by a family that got struck down without mercy as a price for its actions. And how it all ended. A story about the anxiety that makes the Prince go back in time, over and over again, waiting for a new, different world.


Mihaela Mihai

Top cast

Maia Morgenstern as Teofana