Bizim Için Sampiyon


  • Release: 2018 ( 07 Dec 2018 )
  • Genre: ✯ Drama ✯ Romance ✯ Sport
  • Language: Turkish
  • Country: Turkey
  • Runtime: 130 mins
  • Rating: 9
  • Quality: ✯ 1080P Bluray ✯ 720P Bluray


Plot summary

The champion is a great love story between Halis Karatas and Begum Atman, who came together with the legendary race horse Bold Pilot. Adapted from a true story, the film is owned by the prominent name of Turkish horseshoe Ozdemir Atman and the Bold Pilot is a horse that won the love of even those not interested in horse racing. Bold Pilot and his permanent jockey Halis Karatas together achieved unforgettable successes. The 2: 26: 22 record in the 1996 Gazi Race did not pass yet. Another success of the Bold Pilot is the presence of Halis Karatas and Begum Atman. Ahmet Katyksiz is sitting in the director’s chair of the film, where he is the epic topic of love between the famous jockey and Begum Atman. Serkan Yoruk wrote the screenplay to the famous jockey Halis Karatas’a Ekin Koc, while Begum Atman Farah Zeynep Abdullah gives life. The Jockey Club of Turkey Ozdemir Atman, the former president, played by veteran actor Fikret Kuskan. (Translation from CJ Entertainment Turkey).

Director : Ahmet Katiksiz
Writer :

Ahmet Katiksiz, Serkan Yoruk

Actors : Ekin Koç| Farah Zeynep Abdullah| Fikret Kuskan| Sekvan Serinkaya|